Sunday, December 02, 2012

I make asthma doctors smarter

I have had many doctors take care of me during the course of my hardluck asthmatic life.  And I can honestly say that just about all of them become asthma smarter because of me.

My current asthma doctor is my latest proof.  Here he's been moseying through his medical practice taking care of your normal, typical asthmatic.  And then, just when he thinks he knows it all, here comes me. He quickly realized he can't treat my asthma the way he treats their asthma. 

If he didn't realize that I'd have another doctor by now.  I don't dink around anymore.  And he also has to realize that I have to have control over my treatment.  It's just a simple fact that either my asthma doctors get smarter, or they get fired.  So far I've only fired one doctor since 1988 (and he actually was fired because he was a prick, and not because he wasn't asthma wise). 

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