Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

So it is Christmas morning.  The Christmas tree is lit, with an array of lights brightening up the room.  Christmas gifts wrapped around the tree in anticipation of a children's excitement.  A red paper plate with one half eaten chocolate chip cookie, on top of which is a note:  "Save one or two for Mrs. Clause: Love KK."  

Yes, it's Christmas morning.  It's 5:26 a.m.  All the kids are still snug in their beds, and Santa has made his way to the west coast of the United States.  Hopefully he didn't track pollen into all the allergic and asthmatic homes across the nation.  Hopefully he was able to use his magic to prevent a Christmas day hardluck asthma event.  

The kids were up late last night, playing with the gifts they got from their uncles and aunts.  They must get up this morning because this respiratory therapist must go to work in less than an hour.  And by getting paid time and a half, he surely won't want to leave work early, no matter how slow.  And if Santa has given the gift of health to all in the town, the hospital WILL be slow for every respiratory therapist in the world.  

So have a great Christmas every one and all.  

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