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1896- 1906: Wompole's Hypno-Bromic Comp will cure your asthma x

Around the turn of the 20th century asthma was still considered as a nervous affliction, and one of the noble ways of treating it was medicines that eased the mind.  One such remedy was Wompole's Hypno-Bromic Comp.  

According to a 1904 article in the New Albany Medical herald:
"If you want to give your patient relief from asthma, and a good refreshing sleep from which he will wake greatly refreshed, Just try wompole's hypno-Bromic Comp.  It will give quick and satisfactory results. Give this relief to the next case of asthma you are called to treat." (1, page 584)  
According to an 1898 article in Medical Progress, cocaine and morphine can be prescribed to help a nervous person sleep, although Wompole's Hypno-Bromic Comp. not only worked better, but was safer.  The article wrote about one case where morphine was trialed, although after a while it allowed her to "sleep an hour or two.  She was given a teaspoon of Wompoles Hypno-Bromic Comp. each night immediately after she had come out of the bath.  This remedy had a most happy effect." Two other cases noted suggested essentially the same thing.  (3)

A recipe for this product can be made in your own kitchen: 
Chloral hydrate gr. 480
Potassium bromide gr. 240
Extract of henbane gr. 4 4
Morphine sulphate gr. 2
Simple syrup fl. dr. 4
Comp. spirit of orange. fl. dr. 1 Water, enough to make. fl.oz. 4 Make a concentrated solution of the chloral hydrate in water, triturate the extracts with this solution; add the potassium bromide and the morphine each dissolved in water, the spirit and the remainder of the water, and filter clear.(2)

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