Sunday, September 01, 2013

The best part of my ER visit...

... was my respiratory therapist.  I knew Jenny was busy.  I saw her on my way back to fast track giving a treatment to a kid.  Turns out the kid was really sic.  Turns out she also had a trauma she had to get off in the ambulance.  Yet even as she explained this to me, noting that she was swamped, she did so with a smile, and she sat with me while she gave the treatment.  Her beeper went off several times during the treatment, and each time she grimace and groaned, although she did so with a smile.  As she left the room she jokingly offered me a sucker.  Perhaps this is a bias on my part, but I think my RT gave me better customer service, and with a smile, than any of the other people who took care of me that day.  Even though she was obviously busy, and rushed, she was cheerful and did a great job caring for me.  

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