Friday, April 10, 2015

Here's how I defeated EIB

I accomplished two really impressive things today.  One was that I ran outside, and the other is that I ran two laps around Cartier Park.  

Okay, so your thinking: "So what?"  

Well, when you have asthma, it's not easy to run in cold temperatures.  Running tends to cause this cold, dry air to bounce in and out of your airways, and it tends to cause bronchospasm. This, folks, is what is known as exercise bronchospasm.

In past years I've tried to run early on in the spring when the weather is still in the 40s, and it has never worked well for me. So I set a rule that I would never run unless the weather was 50 degrees or higher.  

Today I violated that rule, and succeeded.  Not only did I just go for a short run, but I ran two laps around Cartier Park, which comes to about 2.5 miles.  So, this means that all the hard work I did over the winter was worth it.  

It felt especially nice because the other option was to run on the treadmill in my basement.  It felt so nice to be outside. 

I credit Breo for this success.  Never before have I been able to run this early in the spring without the temperature being 50 degrees or better.  Now, after taking Breo for a year, I ran and actually felt like I didn't even have asthma.  Excuse the cliche, but I felt normal.  

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