Monday, May 04, 2015

The Breo Experiment

So there's this new medicine called Breo.  It's supposed to be the new Advair, or what was called "Super Advair" during the developmental stage. It's super because it's supposed to be a little stronger, lasting a little longer than Advair -- 12 hours longer, to be exact. It became available for COPD in October of 2013

Advair was approved for use by the FDA for asthma, although it was often prescribed for COPD patients too.  Breo was only approved for use by the FDA for COPD, although it appears it's going to be prescribed for asthma too.  This was the case for me anyway, as my doctor insisted I try it.  This was about one year ago.  

My doctor must have had some bad experience with Advair, because he's been trying to get me off it for the past several years.  He had me try Dulera and Symbicort, although both of those gave me serious jitters that I could not continue to live with.  

So, about a year ago, he told me to try Breo.  I said, "Yeah, oh sure, I'll try it."  I said this more so to appease him than because I was interested in taking a new medicine.  I also wasn't convinced my insurance would cover the cost.

You see, we asthmatics are very particular about the medicine that makes our lives better.  Before Advair my asthma was relatively hardluck.  Advair, as I once chimed, "Gave me my life back."  Yet as with most asthma medicines, your body catches on, and it develops a tolerance of sorts.  And so, while I continued to have better asthma control than the pre-Advair days, it was starting to show its ugly head more frequently.

So I took several free samples and decided to give Breo a try. Then, amazingly, withing a few short months my asthma was remarkably improved.  The question that remained was: was this because of the Breo, or was there something else going on? 

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