Friday, May 08, 2015

Three months albuterol free

In my past couple posts I've discussed my experiment with Breo and how well it has worked for me. Missing in all of this is that I went three months without albuterol.  This is an amazing achievement for me, especially considering I've carried with me, and used frequently, a rescue inhaler since 1981.  I am, in essence, a quintessential albuterolaholic

I noticed last December that I was using my albuterol less frequently.  Then I got a cold.  I figured the cold would end any albuterol-less streak, and I was right.  Still, even though my breathing got a little tight, my asthma never got too bad.  I was able to make it through the cold without being slowed down.  As soon as my cold was over, my streak was back on.  

So, I then went from January 1, 2015 until April 1, 2015, without taking any puffs of my albuterol inhaler.  In fact, it got so good for me that I stopped carrying my albuterol inhaler with me.  Instead, my wife kept one in her purse and in her bedside drawer.  

In fact, one day, as she was going through her purse at a restaurant looking for a coupon, she pulled out an albuterol inhaler and chimed, "Remember this?"

"That old thing," I said, in jest.  Wow! I thought.  That little blue thing looked so old, so yesterday.  It was as though I were looking at it through a cloud.  It was so hard to believe that thing had been so part of my life for so many years, and now it was no longer needed.  Amazing what modern medicine can do.

This was assuming, of course, that the reason for my albuterol-less streak was the Breo.  Was it?  I would find out on April 1, 2015. 

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