Monday, May 11, 2015

Albuterol-less streak comes to end

So, I had an albuterol-less streak from January of this year until April 1.  The streak came to an end about two days after I saw the first buds on an oak tree in my front yard.  I was lying on the living room couch, looking out the bay window, when my lungs started to feel tight.  

I used Breo, and, as I had become accustomed to, my breath came back within 15 minutes.  About 12 hours later my lungs started feeling tight again.  This time I was not able to use Breo, as it's only a once a day medicine.  

So I decided to wait it out as I had all winter long.  All winter long, when I started to feel the early signs of asthma, waiting for the Breo to kick in worked every time.  Yet this time this was not happening.  So it became apparent the streak was going to have to end.  

This was not the first time I went three months without using my albuterol.  Since becoming a bronchodilatoraholic there was only one other time I went a long time without using it, and this was in the winter of 2007.  At that time I credited Advair. I remember gloating about this to my physician.  

Yet was it the Advair back then, and was it the Breo this time.  I would find out on April 1, 2015.  

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