Saturday, June 06, 2015

The best allergy medicine is cold medicine

Cold medicine is the best allergy medicine
So 75% of asthmatics also have allergies.  Most cases of asthma are now relatively easy to control so long as you make a gallant attempt at being a Gallant Asthmatic. So the problem for most of us is not the asthma component, but the allergy component.  Despite what some experts say, there is no ideal treatment for preventing and controlling allergies.  

It is true that there are medicine you can try to prevent the allergic response.  I list them in my post "The Best Allergy Medicines to Treat Allergic Asthma."  But other than Benadryl, which causes somnolence, most of these have hardly any effect.  To me, allergy shots were a waste of time for everyone except the people who made money off it.  

The same is true with taking medicines like Claritin, Zyrtec, and Singulair.  Surely I've tried to take them every day, but come pollen season my chest becomes tight, my nose gets stuffy, and my eyes burn and itch. My doctor even noted to me once that he has never had a patient on Singulair notice any benefit from it, so he advised me to quit taking it.  Considering each pill was $1 each at the time, and that my allergies were raging despite being on it for five years, I followed his advice quite eagerly.  

You can try to avoid your allergens, but good luck with that.  I mean, who else is going to sweep your garage or clean your basement?  So when you do those things, you end up with an allergy attack, which means you will probably have an asthma attack.  

Now, my friends are known to say, "So, why didn't you wear a mask?"  I usually say, "Because it doesn't do any good.  Plus, even if I don't inhale the dust, it will still irritate my eyes.  So do you want me to simply wear an astronaut suit when I sweep my garage, or mow my lawn?  I mean, that would be a freaky site.  I'd be the talk of the town.  "Hey, look guys!  There's Mr. Bottrell mowing the lawn again!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


I'm willing to make some sacrifices, but I'm not willing to go that far.  I'm willing to have uncles and brothers and hired hands do all the maintenance around the house.  I'm willing to do that (although I sometimes feel stupid for having someone else do what I feel I should be doing). But I'm not willing to live in a bubble.  My dad calls me to go to the cabin, and I'm not going to sit around my house regretting that I didn't spend time with my dad.  So I go to the cabin and risk the allergic asthma response.  

So, I do not do allergy shots.  I do not take Claritin.  I do not take Zyrtec.  I do not take Singulair.  So what do I take then to allay allergy symptoms?  Well, the best treatment is Benadryl, but I certainly can't take that during the day because it makes me sleepy.  What I do take, what I find works great, is cold medicine.

Probably just about any cold medicine will work just fine, but my wife (a nurse by the way) usually buys Sudafed or Sudafed PE.  When that's not around I sometimes take Robitussin.  

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