Thursday, July 23, 2015

John-for-Life: Five week update: Part 2

Okay, so I am now well into the 5th week of the body for life program, or what I refer to the John for Life program because I tweak it slightly for me.  The first four weeks were not the best, mainly because I had some really bad habits I had to defeat.  

So now that those first "adjustment" weeks are over, now I'm all in.  This meant reading and studying John Hussman's advice.  While up to this point I've been good but not great, now I'm going to shoot for the following.   

1.  Calculated Base Metabolic Rate (BMR):  This is the amount of calories you will typically burn lying in bed all day.  Mine is 1700 (170 goal weight*10).  If I stick around this range of caloric intake on a daily basis, I should burn about 1.5 pounds of fat in a week.  So a goal of losing 1-2 pounds a week is good. 

2.  Don't count calories.  Ironically, despite trying to keep your caloric intake in the required BMR range, the BFL program insists that you do not count calories.  Why? Because who does? It's too much work. Instead, a portion is fits comfortably on your palm or inside your cupped hands.  One low glycemic carbohydrate and one lean protein with each meal, and all the vegetables you want. 

3.  Fuelings.  Six per day 2.5-6 hours apart.  This should come to about 30 5 grams of fat per meal
  • Carbs = 40% of caloric intake (1700*.4/4 = 170 g a day/ 6 = 30 g per meal
  • Protein = 40% of caloric intake (1700*.4/4 = 170 g a day/ 6 = 30 g per meal)
  • Fat = 20% of caloric intake (1700*.2/9 = 37.7 g a day/6 = 6.3 g per meal
Okay, that's that.  Even though the first month wasn't perfect, it did allow me to lose seven pounds.  Since I started doing the above, I've already lost two pounds in two days. Although, over all, the above goals should allow me to reach a goal of about 1-2 pounds per week.  So the end of the year goal of 170 is in reach.

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