Saturday, August 22, 2015

The goal of asthma bloggers

The goal of any asthma blogger is not to blog about asthma.  Allow me to repeat: The goal of any asthma writer is not to write about asthma.  The goal is asthma control, an asthma cure, and no need to write about breathing trouble at all.  

This is the truth I am telling you.  If there was no need to write about asthma all asthma bloggers would go away.  The reason we started writing in the first place about this disease is not enough attention was paid to it for the past 2,500 years, and it's for that reason it still exists while other diseases have disappeared from existence.  

The ancient Greeks knew about asthma, even defined it for the medical community.  Only a few random physicians took up the subject between then and 1900, from which time knowledge of the subject has gradually increased.  Today the disease gets the respect it has always deserved.

Yet because it nary gained the respect of the medical community until only recently, we still don't understand it very well.  We know a lot, but still not enough so that all asthmatics can achieve complete control or, better yet, a cure. 

So here we are, continuing to write about this disease called asthma.  We are learning more and more with each passing day, and yet we still know so little.  The goal, though, is to write about something else.

Being that my asthma is controlled right now, I would much rather write about my exercise routine.  I say this knowing that if the asthma acts up again such fun writing will once again turn to asthma. 

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