Thursday, August 06, 2015

Week 7 John for Life Report: A bad diet week

Tip: If you ever go to Michigan's Adventure, avoid this place.
There is an all you can eat place by the water park,
that charges the same price as this place,
only you get to eat all you want. 
The politically correct term for a diet and exercise program is "Body Transformation Program."  Most such programs suggest, that along with resistance training and aerobics, that you eat 5-6 smaller meals rather than three large meals.  The reason for this is so that you keep your blood sugar stable so that you can burn fat and gain muscle simultaneously.  

Each meal (what we call fuelings) should contain a portion of carbohydrate and a portion of protein.  As I described in my week 5 update, my calculated intake should be about 30 grams of carbohydrates and about 30 grams of protein with each meal.  That leaves me with about 6 grams of fat per meal.  

Now, sticking to my meal plan to a tee, and doing all my workouts to a tee, between July 19 and 31, I lost almost six pounds.  In fact, I did so well I got down to 211 pounds, one pound off my next significant goal. You bet I was ecstatic.  I decided to reward myself to a couple free meals when my family went to Michigan's Adventure the next day.  

The next day after that my wife wanted to go for dinner. I agreed. Then next day after that (we're into Sunday now) my wife wanted to go to dinner again. I agreed. Of course then Monday came and I decided I better get back to my regular fueling plan. Realizing I might have to make up ground, I skipped breakfast Monday and Tuesday and cut myself short on my meals.

On Tuesday night I bonked, and allowed myself a free meal.  I even had a few whisky and cokes.  It was awesome to have a free night in the middle of the week.  It was not so good the next day when all I wanted to do was eat.  I was good, but famished. 

So on Thursday I should not have been surprised to learn I gained three pounds.  So here we turn to John Hussman, who wrote: 
It's helpful to have both protein and carbohydrates in your portions. If you severely restrict carbohydrates, you'll "bonk" and slow down your metabolism. You'll also lose muscle. See, when you run too low on carbohydrate, the body first tries to burn fat, but if fat burning is too slow to provide enough energy, your body starts using protein for energy (gluconeogenesis). If you overly restrict protein, you won't build muscle, and you increase the risk that your body will feed on muscle mass.
Past experience (learning the hard way) has taught me not to allow such setbacks to disturb me.  Chances are, if I kick butt the next week, I will meet my next goal of 210 by next Friday.  So I just need to just decide that I am not going to splurge at Myle's Birthday Party tomorrow night.  I'm not going to do it.  I'm just going to have a taco or two and call it good.  This kind of stinks, because tomorrow was supposed to be my free day.  So, considering tonight I'm working the night shift, being tired tomorrow is going to make it extra hard to resist.  Chances are pretty good I will fail.  How's that for confidence?

That said, what lesson can we learn here.  Well, how about this: plan your free days around events in your life.  Do not give in to the temptation to eat free meals when you didn't plan for it.

There is one exception here, and it does help me to feel a little better about the week.  My wife was off work last weekend, and having those meals with her was our time together.  The thing is this: is it possible to spend quality time without going someplace that serves food?

That is a valid point, if I don't say so myself.  Maybe future date ideas should be a walk on the Pier, or a walk on the beach, or a trip to the State Park.  Maybe sitting by the lighthouse watching the sunset would be a good idea.

It's truly hard to eat healthy and to live a normal life.  For instance, nearly every night shift I work I have someone offer me some tempting foods or candies.  What will it be tonight? Cake? Coffee Cake? Ice Cream? Recess Peanut Butter Cups?

Usually what I do is I do not say no, because then I have to explain myself.  To avoid that, I take and say I will eat later.  My locker is chock full of candy, waiting for that inevitable day when I need to take a free day at work.

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