Sunday, December 20, 2015

Back on the John for Life treadmill

So I'm sitting on the couch all pumped up to watch the Lions (I'm a dedicated fan), only to realize they don't play at their usual 1 p.m. time slot.  In fact, they don't play at all today: they play on Monday night. Yes, they have played well enough lately to deserve this prime time slot. 

Anyway, that said, I've decided I'm going to start my New Year's Resolution a week early.  I figure this should work considering I work on Christmas anyway. And, of course, as usual, my resolution once again this year is to lose 50 pounds. That should put me at 170 pounds. So you can do the math to determine what I weight now. 

I've done this before, believe it or not.  Of course having children does not bode well for maintaining weight loss.  That's my excuse. Another viable excuse I have is that I have been working the swing shift for the past five years. That's done now. I am working only day shifts now.  I have never worked the day shift full time before.  I am finding it's very nice. 

I actually have another viable excuse that I have never mentioned to anyone outside this post, and this is the fact that I'm on a small, chronic dose of steroids. Sure it's inhaled, but enough gets to your system to cause certain side effects, like an increased appetite. 

That said, I think that just working that swing shift made it very hard to stick to any diet. According to Alice Burron at 
There are many hormones that are affected by sleep, and most of them control our appetite, fat, carbohydrate metabolism and the growth of lean muscle.
The kicker here is that every time I lost weight in the past I did so while working night shift.  Still, I think that swing day, the one day a week I worked nights, really wore me out more than working nights regularly.  When your body gets used to working days, and then you have to quick turn around and stay up all night, I think that messes up your body, making it harder to stick to any diet.

I found this to be true nearly every week, as I'd eat good Monday to Thursday, and then tank on Friday after working Thursday night.  Of course, maybe this is just one big excuse.  So be it.  It's a New Year starting today.  It's back to the John for Life.

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