Monday, August 01, 2016

The full fledged Body-for-Life (like, without alcohol)

It was a little over a year ago I made the commitment to do my version of the Body-for-Life Program. This entails the combination of an exercise routine and a low calorie diet. It also involves a weekly free day where you can eat anything you want. As I look back on this blog I gave weekly reports, and I did very well through August, before I tanked.

I started out at 226 pounds, and got down to 210 pounds, then by the end of the year I was back up near where I started. But, the good thing is that, while the diet wasn't so easy, especially since I was working a swing shift at the time, I never stopped the exercise portion of the program.

In January I was finally on the day shift. I told those who were closest to me that I was going to lose weight this year, and I was going to keep it off. Nearly every one of those people were skeptical that I would do it. My brother in law said, "Yeah, that's what most people wish for, and hardly any succeed at it."

Too me, that was my motivation. And, six months later, I am proud to report that I am now down to 197. I keep track of my weights, and I plugged them into an app, that tells me that I have lost an average of 0.5 pounds per week over the past year. Or, since January, I have lost an average of 1 pounds per week.

On July 16 I gave a report on my diet and alcohol. This was when a study was released showing that those who drink alcohol are more likely to stick to their diets. So, I took this as proof that I could lose weight and not give up alcohol. I did, however, switch to Whiskey so I could consume fewer calories when I did decide to drink.

Basically, I enjoy drinking from time to time. What I wanted to do was to lose weight, but I didn't want to stop doing what I enjoy. I cut back significantly, but I didn't want to give it up. And, based on what I have read, this is actually the best way to lose weight. If you give up everything you are not supposed to eat, then you are going to crave it, and you are going to crash, or fail your diet.

Plus, most experts I've ever read suggest that the slower you lose weight the more likely you are to keep it off. So, as you can see, I have lost an average of 0.5 to 1 pound per week, depending on how far you go back. And, I did this while never giving up alcohol. So, despite the critics, it works. You can make anything work.

I read an article recently by Jillian Michaels of "Biggest Loser" fame, and she said you cannot drink alcohol and lose weight. However, as with anything, analytical data does not always match the scientific data. This is once again true here, as the study mentioned above, and my own experience, shows that you can drink alcohol and lose weight.

Now, here is the kicker. I have experimented on myself, and have determined that the weeks where I have a few drinks (a few whiskey and cokes) I lost about one pound. However, on the weeks I did not drink, I lost about 2 pounds. So, you see, alcohol does slow you down.

This is good, in a way, as it makes the weight loss slow. However, it is frustrating in a way too, as the weight is coming off frustratingly slow.

My point here is that, if I were to continue what I have been doing since January, I will meet my goal of 170 pounds by right around Christmas of 2016. However, if I were to quit drinking between now and Halloween, I should be pretty close to my goal weight by October 31, and then I will be done.

Another thing I was thinking is this: in July of 2015 I started exercising. Six months later, in January of 2016, I started eating healthy and exercising. Now, six months after that, I've decided to do the full fledged Body-for-Life, which entails quitting drinking.

Basically, all I have to do is the Body-for-Life for one session, meaning for only 84 days, and I will be done with this. I should lose about 2 pounds a week. And, if that happens, I will be very happy come Halloween. I should be able to pig out on candy that night without fret.

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