Saturday, July 03, 2010

Strabismus surgery day #3

Day #3 post strabismus surgery was a bit of a challenge upon waking because it seemed my eyelids were glued shut. A warm washcloth over the eye for quite a while, and some eye drops, and it did open. Although it was easier to keep it shut for the most part.

Once I got it open I was looking in the mirror. I got my first good look at my right eye. It appeared blood red and it also had some spots on it, which I supposed were dried blood. My wife said it was just bloodshot, and it was find. Considering she's a nurse, I took her word for it.

I didn't feel any general pain in my head as I did the past few days after anesthesia, so instead of that type of pain I could feel the eyeball itself. There was a slight ache that seemed to go away with one Valium as opposed to two. Two Valium has a tendency to wipe you out, and so I tried to only take one at a time today.

The problem with day #3 is I actually feel like I want to get back into the normal flow of my life, and yet I'm not supposed to. I'm supposed to be taking it easy still, and I'm not supposed to be lifting anything over 14 pounds (although I forgot last night when I tucked my 50 plus pound 7 year old in).

I got out of the house for the first time today, with sunglasses of course. This might sound like no big deal to anyone who didn't have strabismus surgery, but as I was out of the house with the glasses on I observed I was walking around wincing with both eyes open. That was a minor personal celebration.

As I'm typing this right now I have both eyes open, although I feel blind on either side. I can't look left with my good eye because it puts strain on my bad eye. And I can't look right with my bad eye for obvious reasons. So, for those moms and dads out there of kids having this surgery, it's good to know your child can only see what is right in front of him. I suppose that's how most kids look anyway, yet I figure it's worth noting.

So day #3 was sort of an awakening of sorts. It kind of reminds me of when I was in the hospital because of asthma, and yet my asthma felt better, and I still had to stay in the hospital because I needed to be weaned off steroids. You feel good, but you still can't do anything. You almost feel like bouncing off the walls.

I would love to get back to my workout. I feel like running, although I bet my bad eye probably would frown at sweat at this point. And I'd love to hit the weights, yet I certainly wouldn't want the pressure to cause my stitches to pop out. So I'm stuck sitting around. And sitting around makes me yearn for the Popsicles and ice cream sandwiches my mom bought me. Yes, I ate almost the whole box between yesterday and today.

Another thing I missed out on today was my daughters last t-ball game of the year. I skipped it because the park where the game is held is a dirt field, and considering there's a warm breeze this evening I didn't want dust in my eye. Thus, I skipped it.

I'm able to do simple things, like watching my kids and writing. Although I do find myself wincing quite a bit as I'm reading. Typing is easy because I don't really need to see what I type. So if you find a few errors in this post, you know why.

So, I suppose I better get back to watching my 1 YO who's running around nakey right now. She loves running around nakey. Now she's in the bathroom on the "step" (stool) and saying "tee", which is baby for "I want to brush my teeth."

So, see you later. Tomorrow I'm going to try not to take any vicoden because while it does take the edge off the eye irritation, it makes me tired. I can't stand being sleepy all the time. And, this kind of makes me think of all the people addicted to opiates. While it does take the edge off, I'm not sure I could stand feeling tired all the time. Yes it does have it's advantages, yet the disadvantages are there too. So, I bet I wouldn't be a good candidate to become addicted to this kind of stuff. Yet I could be wrong too. I'm feeling pretty loopy as I write this.

And my son just told me my right eye is looking in instead of out. Yet, thankfully, my doctor said this might happen for a while until my eye adjusts.

Anyway, more tomorrow from your humble RT.

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