Monday, January 10, 2011

Tweak your exercise to fit your life

I would imagine "most" adults have, at one time or another, at least thought about working in some fashion or another. I would also imagine most adults have at least glanced at some material, a book perhaps, about some kind of workout program.

If you have, then you've seen the perfect bodies. You've read the stories about people who stuck to the diet to a tee and ended up with six packs. Yet then you do the program, and you stick to it the best you can, and then you learn that you don't have a six pack. You feel better and look better, yet you don't have a six pack.

The reason is that those people who stick to the program to a tee probably don't work night shift, and they probably don't have kids and a wife that come as a priority, and they definitely don't have little kids or a pregnant wife. They might, but chances are they don't.

That's something I like to keep in mind as I go through my bodyforlife routine every day. I have to remind myself I'm not going to get that "ideal" body. As a matter of fact, I don't want that ideal body either. All I want is to feel good, to breathe good, and to live long.

With kids and a wife and a job and the "need" to entertain my family and myself to limit the stress load I have no choice but to alter the workout. For example, on days I work nights I have to remind myself it's okay to eat every 2-3 hours for 24 straight hours. Sure, six meals a day are recommended, yet you have a life and they don't.

Today is a perfect example. I worked last night and I'm tired and extremely burned out. Oh, and plus I have a cold. But I only had a few hours of awake time before I had to go to work. So I limited my workout to 30 minutes. I just did half my workout. I recorded it here at daily mile if you're interested.

I did spend some time at work recording what I did and ate, yet if history is a guide, chances are I'll keep that up a few weeks and quit that too.

If you read the BFL book by Bill Phillips, or listen to Bob and listen to Bob and Jillian from The Biggest Loser on NBC you'll here them say, from time to time, that if you want to succeed at any workout program, if you want a six pack, if you want to reach your goals or near perfect bod, you "MUST" keep track of your workouts and what you put in your body.

I think seeing the numbers helps you to stay motivated. Oh, and you must keep track of your weight and your fat percentages too. However, to be honest, all that stuff takes time. I think that some people spend so much time trying to record data that they lose interest in the workout itself, and fail.

Plus people in the same boat as me, you only get a set slot of time per day to do this stuff. What you do with that time really counts. So, instead of keeping stats, I workout. Then I gloat to myself how awesome my workout was, take a shower, and enjoy my wife and kids.

You see, following any program to a tee is nice, but not essential to success. Tweak your program if you must. I do this and I've succeeded. You'll have to tweak any program to fit your lifestyle and personality if you truly want to succeed.

That's my opinion anyway.

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