Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Asthma Theory: Was I right?

So, I have been gloating, of sorts, how Breo allowed me to have three months of albuterol-less time. Did I say that?  Was it really the Albuterol?  I had a really good feeling the answer would come as soon as the first pollen particle fell from one of those oak trees in my front yard.  I would be right? 

Now, Breo is a nice medicine, as are all the inhaled corticosteroids, because they treat the chronic inflammation lining asthmatic airways.  They reduce this inflammation so that it is less sensitive to asthma triggers.  It makes it so you have better control, but it also makes it so asthma attacks are less severe when they do occur.  

This would explain why, even though I caught two colds over the past fall and winter, my asthma never got bad enough to really hold me back.  It would likewise explain why my asthma rarely, if ever, gets bad enough for me to require an ER visit. 

So, anyway, I made it three months without using my albuterol.  This streak, I figured, would come to an end once the pollen started to fall.  Still, I was hoping the the Breo would continue to work well enough to control the inflammation and prevent bronchospasm.  I hoped, that if I did feel test tightness, that fifteen minutes of waiting would allow the Breo time to open those airways up.  

This didn't happen.  Since April 1, 2015, I have felt a continued tightness in my chest.  The albuterol does help, although only for a little while. This is sort of how it has been for most of my life when exposed to my allergens, with pollen and dust mites being the big two.  

I am now back to normal.  To me, this is good asthma control.  I can function quite well like this.  I can even run. This is a major step up from the childhood I lived with brittle asthma.  Yet it still means that Breo did not cure my asthma. The reason my asthma did so well during the winder months was because I was, in essence, living in a bubble: the snow was covering up all the asthma triggers. 

That's fine.  I can live with this.  After all, I've been dealing with it my entire life.  Still, it was nice to think, if only for a few short months, that I was finally on a medicine that would allow me to enjoy complete asthma control.  

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