Sunday, May 24, 2015

Asthma Stupidity

Okay, so I know I'm not the only asthmatic to do this.  But I've been feeling so good lately that I got ambitions about cleaning my basement.  Yeah, well, that didn't end up well.  Sure the basement started to look nice, but about a million dust mites made their way to the tissues of my eyes and respiratory tract, and soon thereafter my chest was tight.  

So that was yesterday.  One benadryl, a few puffs of my ventolin inhaler, and I'm fine.  So today my chest is tight, my breathing tight, and I decide I need a breathing treatment.  Now, it must be understood here that my asthma has been so well for so long I don't remember where I put my nebulizer.  So here I am looking all over for it, including under the bed.  So what's under the bed?  That's right: more dust mites.  

So now my breathing is worse than when I started looking for it.  

Then I end up finding my air compressor, but for some reason there is no nebulizer cup with it.  I search the house, and finally decide there isn't one.  When I clean I sometimes toss old nebulzers.  When I do it I'm feeling good, so I don't think that I might be jettisoning my only one. 

So that's three acts of asthma stupidity. My eyes are itchy and burning, my chest is tight, my breathing short, and my anxiety level creeping up.  The good news is Breo has made it so my breathing is not terrible.  And the irritable eyes and stuffy nose are probably worse than the breathing.

Benadryl works great for me. Still, I don't want to be tired at my sister's party tonight.  Claratin and Zyrtec are about as worthless as using white magic.  So here I suffer. 

Still, a gallant asthmatic makes sure he has the supplies he needs at all times, even when -- especially when, he is feeling well.  A gallant asthmatics also avoids his asthma triggers so he doesn't get into trouble in the first place.  But avoiding triggers is no fun, hence the asthma dilemma. 

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