Sunday, January 08, 2017

John-for-Life 2017: Week #1 Success

Okay. I accomplished my New Year's Resolution last year and dropped 30 pounds. I did did it by April. This year my goal is to drop another 30 pounds. I gained 5 pounds the rest of 2016. So, the sum total, if I succeed, will be 55 pounds. So, that's the goal. I think goals are good.

You know how there's commercials for weight loss products claiming they'll give you you're money back if you don't lose five pounds in the first week. Well, it's almost guaranteed, if you're not dieting and want to lose weight, that you probably at least have 2-3 pounds of food in your stomach. If you eat the recommended calories for the week, you should lose 2 pounds over that.

So, based on this theory, I set a high goal of 5 pounds for week #1. Of course, I did take my first free day on my birthday, which was Wednesday. So..... No matter. Today. Goal Accomplished. Yay. I also drank plenty alcohol on my birthday and still lost 5 pounds for the week

Hope you folks are feeling good to end week #1 also!!!!!

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